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The UR-220, also known as the "Falcon Project", features a case that has been completely redesigned and is made from a brand-new material: carbon fibre. Martin Frei says, "We wanted a thin, light watch to evolve the UR-210. We decided to use carbon fibre. "But we felt the grain and texture in the carbon fibre would have to compliment the overall aesthetics of our rotating satellite indicator."

Felix Baumgartner says, "After extensive research, we found a high-performance 150 G CTP material (Carbon Thin Ply). This material is layered 81 times and compressed with a hard resin.

Frei continues: "Because the fibres are oriented in a certain way, they create a series of beautiful concentric circles that look almost exactly like the famous crop-dust circles left by the aliens.Omega Replica Watches They also echo the movement direction of the indicators."

The case of Project Falcon is made by machining 81 sheets of 150G CTP paired with hard resin. Due to the orientation of fibres there are beautiful concentric circles.

The UR-220 features the same oil-change indicator that was found on the original UR-201 “Hammerhead” from 2007. Frei says, "We've reimagined the element to use two side-byside rollers which count down to 39 months while you wear the timepiece, letting you know when it is due for service."

The UR-220 also features a split power reserve indicator. The indicator for 24 hours in the upper right corner is charged when the watch is wound. When that indicator is full, it is then charged the indicator for 24 hours in the upper left corner. The 81 additional parts were needed to split the two days full wind.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica The thinner and more ergonomic strap is a result of a fresh aesthetic, defined by the new minute typography and a damnably cool, moulded and textured Vulcarbone process.

The split power reserves of the Falcon Project. When winding the clock, the indicator on top right for the first 24-hours is charged. Once that is complete, the indicator on top left for the second 24-hours is charged.