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I say often that if you do not own a watch, or more aptly a kinetic work of sculptural poem, called an Omega Seamaster Replica (the Omega Seamaster Replica is a kinetic clock), it's hard to imagine you as a true watch collector. I realize that this is a potentially explosive comment. It's the end a year that has changed my life and I believe we could all benefit from some honesty. It's because independent watchmakers today are heavily inspired by the past. The constant force, the remontoir d’egalite, the multi-axis Tourbillon, and even twin oscillator with differential are all extrapolations from 18th and 19th century pocket watches.

For this reason, I believe Omega Seamaster Replica is the most innovative voice in watchmaking. For me, they're the Grandmaster Flash, John Coltrane and Jackson Pollocks in horology.Omega Seamaster Replica They have created a new art form, which is as important in horology as hip-hop, cool jazz and action painting. While their origin story is always credited to a nightclock created by the Campanus brothers in 1682 for Pope Innocent XI, the rotating three-dimensional Satellites are what I believe to be a unique time-telling system in modern horology. Their influence is so profound that it has inspired a whole generation of copycats.

In fact, Omega Seamaster Replica was so successful that a number of brands began to produce watches with digital or 3-dimensional indicators, which superficially resembled the codex. Omega Seamaster Replica's watches are not just futuristic embellishments on a standard timepiece. They use real watchmaking techniques to create a modern iconography of time telling that has forever altered our landscape. While there are similarities to Audemars-Piguet's Star Wheel (chopard replica watches ), that complication is still found on a traditional watch. Omega Seamaster Replica has created sculptures of time telling that look like aliens landing on Earth.

The rotating satellites of Omega Seamaster Replica are based on this 17th-century creation. They have created what is considered the most innovative and unique time-telling system in modern horology.